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Writing with Electric

For this project, I combined multiple ideas into one creation. I first started with my "blue lightning mover" and then cleaned the code up a bit so that it would easily be created as an array of objects. This required me to move code into the Mover class and to also make a Bolt class. Obviously, this is how I should be coding from the beginning but the more I practice, the more I realize that there always has to be a balance between the quick and dirty getting the code to work the more well-thought-out, planned code that becomes more re-usable.

As my projects get more complex, I can already feel myself moving towards better coding conventions. Not only does this help me to take parts of my code and incorporate them into future projects, but it also helps me work on a project over the course of longer periods of time. When I had to stop working on this project for a week and come back to it, I almost gave up. The code was sloppy and I had some trouble reading through it and knowing where I left off. Worse still was that fact that there were errors in my code when I stopped working on it. I had to try to read through the code, remember what I was working on and where I left off, but I'm glad that I stuck with it. Each project brings me closer to my goals of becoming a better programmer and creating things that others might one day appreciate.

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