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Applying Forces

So I have recently worked on applying forces. The nice thing about this is that there can be multiple forces acting on an object at one time. This mean that we can have gravity and some other outside force such as wind and maybe that wind can be somewhat chaotic using Perlin noise. The possibilities are endless.

In this project, I wanted to connect a bunch of the ideas that I have been working with. Here there is some invisible object that bounces off the edges of the window and is attracted to the mouse when the mouse is clicked. Instead of showing the object itself I chose to draw three separate lines that are randomly near the object using Perlin noise so they create squiggly lines following the same general path. This program also includes some drag which allows the object to slow to a stop eventually and also reach the mouse more easily. I have also played with stylizing this a bit more than usual rather than simply focusing on the code. Here I was imagining blue lightning bolts and I feel the effect is more impressive. I will definitely continue to add to the visual of these programs in addition to their functionality.

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